How to Stop Being the ‘Asian Hornet’

How to Stop Being the ‘Asian Hornet’

Asian women who want to go from “Asian Hornets” to “Asian Femme Fatale” are finding success on social media.

The “Asian Women as Hornets,” an online community for women who are “hungry for Asian Hornets!”

(and for “Asian Porn” as well!) is growing rapidly, with over 4,000 followers.

The hashtag #AsianWomenAsHornets is also trending on Twitter, with nearly 1,400 followers as of Wednesday afternoon.

The trend is especially appealing to young Asian women.

As the video below explains, Asian women want to become “Asian girls” and they want to “be Asian, not Asian.”

“The Asian Hornet” is the latest trend among Asian women, and it’s not just because they are more comfortable sharing their sexuality and body parts online.

The idea that a woman’s sexuality is somehow less valuable than her body has been a central theme of Asian feminism for decades, and in this case, the trend is taking off.

In a new article, The Atlantic’s Natasha Vargas-Cooper points out that the idea of Asian women as “hungries for Asian women” is a popular one among Asian feminists: “There is a sense of entitlement to a woman being more sexually attractive than her partner, and the idea that the desire to be sexually attractive is a more important factor in a woman having a relationship than her physical attractiveness.”

As the article explains, a “hungriest” woman’s sexual desire is “the most significant determinant of her relationship to her partner,” and “the idea that her sexual desire could be so important that it justifies having an affair is the most common view among Asian feminist writers.”

In other words, if a woman is “hungrier for Asian men than for her own body,” she’s not necessarily a woman who should “accept” the label “Asian” and “female.”

The Asian Horneta is the result of a long-standing belief that Asian women are more sexually attracted to Asian men, and that is what motivates Asian women to pursue the “Asian Woman as Hornet.”

“This idea that Asian men are the only ones who are truly worthy of sexual desire, or that women should be ashamed of their sexual desires, or should be afraid to ask for them, is central to Asian feminism,” Vargas, the author of the article, tells Bustle.

“The idea that women are less worthy of their own sexuality, or the idea [that] Asian women have an inferiority complex that makes it difficult for them to ask men for what they want, or to share their sexual fantasies or to have sex, is what is so powerful about the Asian Hornette.

It’s not so much the idea itself as how it informs the way women are treated by the mainstream Asian feminist movement.”

It’s also a concept that seems to be resonating with some Asian men.

“I don’t think Asian men would necessarily identify as ‘hungriests,'” one Asian male commenter wrote in response to Vargas’ article.

“But that doesn’t mean that Asian guys don’t identify as “hornets,” as I do.

That’s just the way I am.”

Asian men like this guy aren’t the only Asian men who are attracted to women who share their sexuality.

Another commenter who goes by the name @tongzoron explains that she wants to be Asian because “the Asian woman is the one who is the epitome of femininity, and [Asian men] see her as feminine.

I feel like Asian women can be feminine too.”

And as @gaiya points out, this is a theme that Asian feminists share with many other Asian feminists, who feel that “Asian women are not only more beautiful than Western women, but that they are also better at taking care of themselves.”

“If a woman wants to live in the Asian world, then she must be willing to be the best, the most beautiful, and most caring Asian woman,” another commenter, @gabriela, tells Vargas.

“This is why we all need to live our lives as Asian women.”

There are also those who want Asian women and Asian men to stay in the same gender roles and enjoy the same freedoms.

“Asian men will not accept [Asian women] as sex workers,” @gabbi_kirillova says.

“They will never allow it, and they will never be willing for it.”

Some Asian men feel that women like them have no chance of making it in the “Western” world, and “Asian femininity” can only mean “Western femininity.”

“There’s no place for Asian feminists in the world of Western femininity,” @jae_f_jae explains.

“It is impossible for Asian females to be Western women in the West, so Asian women will always be Asian men.”


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